Ever wonder what happens when your cat gets trapped inside your computer? Follow Spike the Cat as he explores the other side of the screen. Illustrated by me and written by the zany P.T. Evans.

Book 1: A Feline Minecraft Adventure


Spike is an indoor cat who’s been watching Jason play Minecraft for years. But one day, Spike spawns into Jason’s game. The finicky cat isn’t too happy with the Minecraft world Jason’s created and makes some changes of his own.

It doesn’t take long before Spike goes from ocelot bait to King of the Jungle. Will he decide to stay in the wonderful world of Minecraft? Can he stay clear of the zombies and creepers? What would YOUR cat do???


Book 2: Sugar Cane Rush


Spike the cat is back in Minecraft! But instead of the exciting jungle adventure he’s hoping for, Spike is attacked by Zombies, Skeletons, and Endermen – all before lunch! Will the curious cat get a chance to explore and build in peace? Or will he use up his nine lives just trying to survive?